Welcome to the Boostbiz Consulting Community Page

Due to the need to assist in growing small businesses in the Western Cape and Nationally, as a result of the Caronavirus /COVID-19,  we have embarked on the task of giving small businesses a platform to showcase their service and products right here. We endeavour to make this page grow and help as many small businesses as possible.  
Please note that this is a FREE service to small businesses, although we do offer paid for online marketing services, should they be required.
We encourage bigger, more established businesses to help by establishing trade connections, offering mentorship and training so as to assist in building our own micro economies in these trying times. 
If you're using a mobile, you can click on the contact number and chat directly to the business owner via WHATSAPP.
To add your business, please click the ADD button below and complete the form.
If you would like to assist a business, please click the SUPPORT button below and complete the form.

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