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  1. Website Hosting - So you started a business and found a building to rent. This is in essence what hosting space is; rental space on the World Wide Web. It would be best to have this in place before starting with your website. 
  2. Domain name registration - Now that you have the rental sorted, you need to have your address attached to it. Your domain name is exactly that; your address on the Internet. You choose a name and we check availability on the, .com, .org etc space
  3. E-mail Hosting - Once the above is in place you can start sending and recieving e-mails to and from and have the professional looking e-mail, instead of
  4. Switch your hosting or register a new domain with us and have the stability of 99.9% uptime and our full technical support. For enquiries please complete below form or contact us at +27 (0)84 389 0031.

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